What makes you interesting?

How does your story build? And what’s your best excuse for being unfilled?

(And aren’t there enough conundrums in this silly world?)
Living on the edge of reason 
looking for the sweet spot between silly and sublime 
following the rising action 
falling hard every time 
bending to the strangest arcs
you write yourself into a nursery rhyme

You would trade your home and family for another life 
You would rather be a legend than somebody’s wife 

                                          - from "Looking for Spiders" (Tumbling After, 2014)

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I created this space as a sort of reverse graveyard for stories and ideas. I could call it an incubator, and the mental image of ideas hatching from little egg-like pods is nice enough, but I prefer to picture the stories forming under layers of hard earth and building momentum until they push through.

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Jessica Smucker

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